Eighteen Rules

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Eighteen Rules ___________________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents Introduction Source Code Demo API FAQ ___________________________________________________________________________ Introduction Eighteen Rules is web application designed to help guitar makers and luthiers calculate fret distances using the Rule of 18 []. It was designed for my guitarist and luthier friend Dr. James Buckland []. You can visit the Eighteen Rules site at " []". ___________________________________________________________________________ Source Code You can download the source code for Eighteen Rules here []. ___________________________________________________________________________ Demo A demonstration video on using the application can be seen here [] or you can view the embedded video below. IFRAME: Eighteen Rules: a rule of eighteen calculator [] from nitin arora [] on Vimeo []. ___________________________________________________________________________ API The Eighteen Rules application is built on top of a simple JSON API. The API accepts three parameters: * scale_length: float[1, 1000] * total_frets: int[1, 1000] * rule_of: float[1, 1000] You can optionally add the "callback" parameter if you need to use JSONP. Here are two examples, the first without the callback: [] [] ___________________________________________________________________________ FAQ 1. What unit of measurement is assumed for the fret calculation? + Because the calculation is a mathematical function, there's really no assumed unit of measurement for scale length as far as the API is concerned. For the web application, millimeters are assumed. Because of this, the resulting table has columns for millimeters and inches. 2. Can I save my results after using the calculator? + You can save your results by printing them to paper or PDF, etc. 3. Can I export the results from the calculator into a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel? + Exporting the results is not possible, but you should be able to copy/paste the tabular results directly into a spreadsheet application.