AudioRegent: a Python script that utilizes SimpleADL (Simple Audio Decision List) and SoX (Sound Exchange) to non-destructively create audio clips and derivatives from a master WAV file. Command line options available.

Eighteen Rules: a web application designed to help guitar makers and luthiers calculate fret distances using the Rule of 18.

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Gort's Quick and Dirty Subject Generator: a Javascript application that allows for semi-automated creation of LSCH-inspired subject metadata for digital photographs of U.S campus building. Written for Dr. Steven MacCalls' Metadata class that I took at the University of Alabama SLIS.

HammerFlicks – a small project to use the Netflix API to discover which Hammer Films movies are available on Netflix's Watch Instantly. The previous name of the project was "HammerFlix" though this was changed to comply with the Netflix API branding requirements.

MXMLiszt: a web-based delivery and search/retrieval environment for MusicXML files and their manifestations.

pOAIndexter – a way to harvest metadata from across multiple sites with different types of metadata feeds – OAI, RSS, etc.

PubMed2XL: a GUI Python application that can convert a PubMed XML file to a Microsoft Excel (.xls) file. Command line options available.

The links below are for less formalized, more experimental work.

jAUs – using the HTML5 JavaScript media API to add support for start/stop time attributes within <audio> and <video> tags.

museline – melodic contour graphing with Python, MusicMXL, and Google Chart Tools.

Okra Pie – using Tesseract and Python to create OCR overlays on top of HTML images.

SAVS – a pure JavaScript/HTML5 audio-to-text synchronization script.

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