trying to remember why I emailed these to myself

Sometimes, while at the bar or hanging out with folks I email things to myself – the name of the bartender, a movie or book someone recommended, etc. Often, I'd come across something at work and email a link from my work email to my personal email account.

Over time, I've forgotten about many of these things. But since I need to clean up my email box, I'm just going to post them here so that they can languish in another medium.


Books, etc.



  • "Force has no place where there is need of skill."
    — Herodotus

    • This is very similar to Fernando Sor's principal of gaining more from skill than from strength with regard to guitar playing.

Music Funnies

funny comic about John Cage's 4:33.

The link to the comic is


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  1. Michele


    I often take note of what I am afraid I would forget, too. And sometimes I find those notes after a lot of time, forgetting -oddly- the reasons or the context in which I jotted them.

    Nice to share.


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