using tennis racket grip tape on dumbbell handles

This is a quick post just on something I find really useful.

I workout at home with dumbbells. Being a guitarist, I have to focus on finding exercises that I feel won't overly stress my wrists, for example.

That's to say while I do it for overall health and strength, I have to defer to the physical demands of the guitar. It's one reason I stopped playing tennis – it just taxed my forearms too much and I had trouble practicing guitar when my arms were so worn out.

But there's one thing from tennis that I use to this day: grip tape.

I really don't like wearing gloves while lifting weights. But without them, the handles are really uncomfortable and produce calluses.

A good solution for me, that I used to use and have now gone back to, is to just use grip tape on the handles. The "tackiness" of the grip tape also helps me get a good grip on the weights. Plus, I can always buy a different color of tape when they need replacing and that can help keep things a little fun.

For now, I've got blue tape (pic below).

tennis grip tape on dumbbells

Anyway, it's a lovely Saturday and I should be outside for a while …


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