Four fur Marv: some new old music for solo guitar

This is a just a short post to provide a link to some new compositions for solo guitar I completed this week – after starting in September 2012.

While I don't expect anyone but myself to take the time to learn these properly, I do know a few folks that I think would at least give them a read through.

If I had to provide some overview of them it would be that they are written in a 19th century/Romantic style and hopefully provide enough variance in texture to provide interest from piece to piece. While these are a set, each piece is certainly independent of the other although the cadential endings of the first and last piece share some deliberate similarities – a sort of tying up of loose ends.

I might, at some point, post a brief analysis of some of the harmonic structure of the last piece, which at times provided me with quite a headache, but ultimately I let the music go where it wanted to. I simply needed to understand how it was doing so and had, in particular, to know this is order to try and provide coherent spellings of accidentals/enharmonics, etc.

Below are links to the PDF of the music and the textual "liner notes" as well as a ZIP archive with the PDF, liner notes, and source LilyPond files, etc.

Oh, and by the way, the work is dedicated to a friend of mine. He happens to be a cat. If kitty-inspiration is seemingly good enough for Domenico Scarlatti, it's surely good enough for me.




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