metadata is like the Muppets and Italian film

A couple of years ago, I was – against the better judgment of a friend – asked to give a guest class lecture at NC Central University on OAI, metadata harvesting, etc. for her metadata class at their school of library and information sciences.

Apparently, it went badly enough that I was asked the next year to try and get it right by that year's instructor.

I'm not sure if I did get it right after all, but I wanted to post the presentation slides all the same. They're here.

It's a little silly – using a Muppet motif throughout, but I think my main points got across. I think people are much more likely to get something if looked at in real-world terms (as if the Muppets are real). A little sense of humor doesn't hurt either.

I'd like to say that the "splash" page, a movie poster for Michelangelo Antonioni's film Blow Up, is the best part. It's all downhill from there, no doubt.

To me, the film made no "sense" until the last, surreal scene of people playing tennis without a ball put it all together for me. It was as if the entire film was a Subject and a string of Adverbs until the last scene, the Verb.

I let the class know this … and asked them to remember that while putting up with my presentation.

Blow Up movie poster


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