HammerFlicks and the Netflix API … in the grave?

Well, I've noticed some of the results from HammerFlicks have seemed a little off lately. So I stumbled upon this in regard to the Netflix API:

The following are the changes we are making to the program, all of which are effective immediately (except where otherwise noted):

  • We will no longer issue new public API developer keys.  All existing keys that are actively calling the API will remain active.
  • We will no longer accept new API affiliates.  There will be no impact to existing and active affiliates.
  • We will no longer offer test environments.  The test tools have been unavailable for a while and we won't bring them back.
  • We will set the forums in the developer portal to read-only.  We encourage developers to continue their conversations at StackOverflow with the tag "netflixapi".  The existing forum posts will remain on the site for now in the form of an archive.
  • We will retire the OData catalog, effective on April 8, 2013.

source: Netflix API : Changes to the Public API Program. Retrieved May 09, 2013, from developer.netflix.com/blog/read/Changes_to_the_Public_API_Program

Sounds like it might be time to retire HammerFlicks … or at least issue a disclaimer. What's strange is that I didn't receive an email about these changes, whereas I seemed to have gotten email notification of previous API changes. Oh well, business priorities change and Netflix isn't obligated to give away their data.

Update, May 26, 2013: Well, perhaps there are less Hammer films on Netflix because Hammer now has its own YouTube channel.


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