we're all professionals ... I'm not

[Sat, 15 Dec 2012 15:43:48 +0000]
There's often a direct correlation between classification and prejudice. ... I recently dropped in on a going away party for a friend/colleague of mine so naturally most people who were there work in libraries ... or at least were married to such creatures. One person asked me about my background, etc. and asked if my current job was my first "professional position". I responded along the lines of "I guess this would be considered so ..." because in reality I don't like this pseudo-distinction that people in libraries try to perpetuate. A few weeks ago, a "para-professional" asked me if I was a "librarian" and I said something like "in as much as I work in libraries … like you." Isn't the real question here: "Do you have a Master's degree in library stuff?". If so, ask it. If not, please stop perpetuating a falseness based on the abundance of insecurity and arrogance of many of your peers. I'm not asked to work harder than previous jobs. I wasn't allowed to screw up less in past jobs. We're all professionals ... IFRAME: ... but I'm not. :P