what I won't do is troubleshoot you

[Tue, 20 Nov 2012 20:13:53 +0000]
From time to time people actually read this blog. From time to time, people actually comment on something I've written. From time to time, people sometimes even use software I've provided ... ... and from time to time, sometimes those people have questions, comments, or suggestions for improvements. I like to think I'm all ears, all the time. But sometimes, while asking for my "help", it becomes painfully obvious that some people simply want me to do something for them because they won't do it themselves. So, to take from a recent example, if you have questions about something and I ask you to send me specific data to help troubleshoot the issue, send me the data, specifically. Don't only send some of it. If I have specific questions requiring a specific type of answer, answer them specifically with the type of answer requested. If I ask you to name files in a certain way, do so. Don't send me a link to your Google Drive/DropBox account and tell me I can just rename them. That's not being generous, it's being inconsiderate and lazy. And never, but never ask me to do something for you like conduct searches on sites, download files for you, etc. especially while pretending you're somehow helping me. If we're at that point, I'm done with you. Oh and also, I don't care about your deadlines. If you're asking me to do things for you, I seriously doubt you care about your deadlines either. :)