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So, a few weeks ago I said in these posts that I thought it was an oversight that the HTML5 audio and video elements didn't let one pass start and stop time parameters, allowing one to use specific portions of an audio or video file.

Well, I just saw on this page that Mozilla has implemented this functionality per the Media Fragments URI Specification. And it seems that Webkit is there, too, per this post from a few weeks ago. Actually, that post was published the same week as when I started fiddling with a pure JavaScript and "data-" attribute solution when I went home sick from work. Now I wish I had just napped more that day and just waited to learn more about these implementations to take place.

Know what's funny? I never saw these docs when I wrote the aforementioned posts. Perhaps that's because the pages I linked to above about Mozilla/Webkit were last updated within just a few days of mine. But anyway, I found them today because I saw someone came to my page searching for "<audio> starttime" and I wanted to see what else came up for that query so I "Googled" it. Sometimes it's educational and not just an exercise in vanity to know why people come to your site, huh?




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