geo this, geo that: easy acquisition of KML files with BatchGeo

Geolocation/geocoding is so "hip" these days. Everyone's so obsessed where where they and other things are. There's almost a comparison with 3-D filmmaking …

Funny. Not too many folks seem all that concerned with when things are.

Anyway …

At work, we have a database with all the libraries we serve and their addresses. And the other week we needed to quickly make a map with all their locations.

If necessity is the mother of invention, laziness is it's favorite uncle.

Enter BatchGeo. We were able to take those values from our database and get a map generated in minutes. But it gets better.

One of the nice things about this process is that in addition to a map, you also get a KML file download option. Taking this little XML file, it's a simple process (via XSL or other) to make a delimited file containing the inputted names of institutions and their latitude and longitude (altitude is also available).

From there, it's not brain surgery to get those coordinates into a database and using an SQL JOIN to be able to push out an institution's name and now its coordinates, too, whenever.

Just in case someone wants/needs to do something similar with an address book or a list of businesses, etc.


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