installing lxml on my Amazon Linux instance

Last night I installed lxml on my Amazon Linux AMI (ami-31814f58) and it was just as not-straightforward as when my co-worker and I put it on our CentOS server a few weeks ago.

So by referring to the yum log, I think the following covers what I needed to install with yum:

gcc-4.4.5-6.35.amzn1.i686 #for building lxml
libxslt-1.1.26-2.6.amzn1.i686 #this can't be necessary given the line below, right?

… and then I used easy_install (which already was on the system 'far as I know) to install lxml a la: easy_install lxml.

For whatever reason, the easy_install part took several, several minutes. But I was watching "Season of the Witch" so I didn't mind.


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  1. Marin

    Just want to say thanks :)

    1. nitin (Post author)

      Hey Marin,
      Thanks for reading!


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