jAUs 2: just when you thought it was safe to go back to hating Internet Explorer

Yesterday, I posted this about trying to add "startTime" and "stopTime" attributes to the HTML5 <audio> tag using each of the major desktop browsers' native HTML5 audio player.

If anyone read that post, it's clear I ran into some problems with Internet Explorer 9 when all the other HTML5 browsers seemed to be fine with my JavaScript.

Well, I updated that post today to reflect a possible solution. Possible in the sense that it works, but I don't know if it's the best – or even a good – solution to the IE problem.

It basically involved checking for IE as the user's browser and using the HTML5 media events to find the event that would make IE wait until the right time before trying to access the current time of the audio element. I also referred to this page on Microsoft's site in terms of checking for IE.

You can read that update here: http://blog.humaneguitarist.org/2012/01/09/jaus-trying-to-add-a-starttime-attribute-to-the-audio-tag#update011012.

Hooray for anchor tags – and shark repellent.


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