git this: fossil rocks

[Fri, 04 Nov 2011 02:19:53 +0000]
I'll keep this short. For me version control is just zipping up files after I make a change and then versioning the ZIP files via filename. But I probably should look into version control of some sort. But I want something easy to learn. Git [] seems all the rage these days, but honestly I'd have to read the documentation a few times to learn it properly ... and that ain't happening. Also, it's more than I need given that what I'll be working on are very small projects. But I really think Fossil [] is very promising. It's super easy to learn and the built in web interface [] - replete with a Wiki and ticketing system - is pretty sweet. I'll still be zipping up my files, but I think they'll probably be making their way into Fossil repositories from now on, too. ... and as for the blog title, it's a bit of a play on words of course. Did you "Git" it? Do you "dig" Fossil like I do? :P