in the can: another HammerFlix update

[Sat, 24 Sep 2011 19:24:04 +0000]
Update, November 27, 2011: If you're looking for a live list of Hammer Films [] streaming on Netflix you can see it here []. To read more about the HammerFlicks project, click here []. ... Last night while streaming Star Trek: TOS on NetFlix or Qwikster or whatever, I finished up this [] Python file around 3am that makes this [] semicolon delimited file of Hammer Films and their production year if you throw it at a local copy of this [] Wikipedia/Hammer Films filmography page. Had enough of "this []"? Well, there's more where that, I mean this, came from. So, I woke up at about 9am and worked on this [] PHP version on HammerFlix. And finally, about 12 hours after going to bed, I've got this [] list of Hammer Films on Netflix and whether they stream or not. I should mention that I tested with both the "UK" and "US" versions of the titles if both were present in Wikipedia, so there are a few duplicate items in the list. Eventually, I'll make the PHP file clickable so anyone can run it and get a current report. But as of right now, I've used up all my Netflix API allowance for the day. Now, as I mentioned in this [] post I was only testing to see if a movie title and its production year matched the Wikipedia filmography data in order to determine if the movie was available on Netflix and whether it streamed. Testing that way isn't perfect. For example, the Wikipedia page lists 2011 as the year for "The Woman in Black []" but IMDB and Netflix say it's 2012. So that movie isn't reported correctly by HammerFlix. I'm noticing a few other things, too, but I'll work on it later. Seriously, I need to get on with my weekend ... Maybe I'll watch a Hammer film tonight!