HammerFlix 2: Terror of the lost API Keys

Update, November 27, 2011: If you're looking for a live list of Hammer Films streaming on Netflix you can see it here.

To read more about the HammerFlicks project, click here.

So, like six months ago I posted about an idea involving the Netflix API and trying to get a list of Hammer horror films available for streaming.

The good news is I've decided to carve out some time each Saturday and actually make this into a little pet project.

The bad news is that in editing the information about my app, I accidentally deleted my API keys and have to wait … and wait … on the news ones getting approved, which apparently is a process experiencing some delays lately.


Anyway, there are some interesting things that have happened since last time.

  1. The Netflix API is now totally about the Watch Instantly (streaming) catalog. See here.
  2. This PHP code example of hitting up the API which used to work out of the box now seems to require that I surround the keys like "term" and "output" with quotation marks a la:
$arguments = Array(
'max_results'=> '1',
  1. Netflix now has this open OData API in the works, too. So I might not even need to use the old API that requires a key …

That's to say that while I need to read more, if the ODdata API is also only for streaming titles then I can still retrieve the Netflix movie identifier from the OData API for given titles. What this means is that I should still be able to pass a list of Hammer film titles to the OData API and scrape the results for the movie's identifier. This in turn means I can create a link so I can start streaming the movie by clicking on a hyperlink.

Here's an OData example for "The Name of the Rose" taken from the Netflix developer site:


Looking at the source for the results reveals the Netflix movie identifier like so:


With that identifier, I should just be able to pass a link to the streaming page like this (must be logged into Netflix):


Ok, I just clicked on that and now there's a good possibility I'll be watching "The Name of the Rose" tonight … or not.



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