so long Firefox, I'm moving on

[Sun, 07 Aug 2011 16:02:24 +0000]
I've been using Firefox pretty much from its beginning. I started using it when I worked at a public library in Charleston, South Carolina. One of our tech guys was really young and into all the new gadgets and technologies. He introduced me to Firefox ... and I believe he even gave me my first Gmail invite. Around that time I also played around with the actual Mozilla Browser and K-Meleon [], which ran so well on my old Pentium 3 that I was able to use that computer a year or two longer than had I used another, slower browser. Initially, FF was so much different - and better - than Internet Explorer that I looked past the relentless crashes. Everything crashed back then, so I couldn't hold it against FF. But now I can. For the last couple of years, I've become increasingly tired of FF's performance - or lack thereof. Crashes, lockups, slow start-ups, etc, etc. So, I'm moving on. I'm going with Chrome even though I think the new IE is great. I don't want to use Safari - 'cause I'd rather not directly support Apple (perhaps more on that one day). ... and then, as far as mainstream browsers, there's Opera. It's always been a great, cutting edge browser. But there's always been one little reason I didn't use it. If I remember, it initially wasn't completely free. If you didn't pay, you had to see ads. I couldn't deal with that, so I moved on. Subsequent versions of Opera just didn't look and feel like a native Windows application. That didn't work for me either. But Opera totally rocks now. So why am I not using it? Because there's currently no Xmarks [] for Opera. I love Xmarks and if an Opera version comes along, I'll probably move to Opera. Finally. Back to FF. I think a lot of us tend to give some applications a free-pass if the program is, er, free. And if it positions itself as the noble, open-source alternative to the big, bad corporate machine ... even better. I certainly can be accused of using FF and some other software more for these idiotic, faux ethical reasons than based on actual performance and productivity metrics. But I just don't have a compelling reason to use FF anymore. And I won't. ps: here's an interesting post entitled "How Mozilla lost the browser wars again []". ... Update, August 13, 2011: After experiencing some issues where Chrome seemed unable to maintain a steady connection with my DSL service and after realizing (after I wrote the post) that I clearly wanted to use Opera, I did make the switch to Opera. While there's no Xmarks for Opera, there is Opera Link []. Since I'm not really syncing bookmarks across different types of browsers and just wanted a nice bookmarks backup, Opera Link should be fine. BTW, I did have to refer to this video [] to get Netflix streaming working on Opera.


  1. nitin [2011-09-26 02:14:48]

    Thanks for the great video Ryan. Ironically, Netflix seems to also be going to the gutter. :-)

  2. Ryan Kearney [2011-09-26 01:42:00]

    Glad the Opera video helped! It also makes me happy to see people move off of Firefox. I mean, it was a great browser a few years ago, but over the past year or so it's just gone to the gutter.