MXMLiszt version 0.9.2 released

[Sat, 23 Jul 2011 14:29:18 +0000]
If anyone's interested, MXMLiszt version 0.9.2 is now available for download. MXMLiszt is a web-based delivery and search/retrieval environment for MusicXML [] files and their manifestations. The documentation and source-code download links are available here []. Here's the changelog: 0.9.2 - included Bach and Schubert MusicXML files from MusicSQL project ( - For the Bach, cleaned up diacritics (in titles only) and changed "Soprano", etc. to "Soprano", etc. - diacritics are still messed up in lyrics. I'm too lazy to fix them. :] - For the Schubert, changed "Part_1" through "Part_4" to "Violin 1", "Violin 2", "Viola", and "Cello". - original files available here: - adjusted <hr> rules in /blog/style.css to accomodate Internet Explorer 9 - Removed "optimized for Firefox" in welcome.php since MXMLiszt now works well in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera (see below). - fixed generateIndex.php so the <img> tag now closes in this line: echo nl2br('<img src="png/' . $filenamePlain . '.pre.png" />'); //line #12 - This was the only reason the Index view wasn't working in Opera. - Opera was the only browser that caught this error. :] - made "Results" header for search results an <h2>, just as with the MIR results header. - added two modules: startWatch.php and stopWatch.php to reduce coding redundancy in regard to reporting the time it takes for actions to finish. - changed mxml2mods.xsl to output the MODS namespace. - adjusted mods.xsl, loadMODSasDC.php, and XQuery syntax as needed. - Sample XQueries using a namespace prefix: This is a Faust query example: declare namespace mods = ""; for $x in doc("../concat/concatMODS.xml")/hyperMODS/hypoMODS/mods:mods let $x1 := $x//mods:subTitle return $x1 This is a Dante example: declare namespace mods = ""; for $x in doc("../concat/concatMODS.xml")/hyperMODS/hypoMODS let $x1 := $x/mods:mods where $x1//mods:subTitle contains text "You" return data($x/@file) - simplified some of the built in MODS related XQueries (same functionality, just less wordy). - changed order of MODS search drop down terms on Search page. - changed <i> and <b> to <em> and <strong>, respectively. - replaced "pop1", etc. with better-named CSS variables like stickyNote and IndexPopup, etc. in /blog/style.css. - added a streamed comment in each module with a one or two sentence description of what it does. - added .htaccess file. - to hide root folder. - to make the "/~foo.xml" forward (with masking) to:"transmuteMXML.php$fname=musicXML/foo.xml". - adjusted mxml2mods.xsl accordingly. - to hide directory icons. - to use fancy indexing. - changed displayMODS.php to display MODS files via an <iframe> only as a fallback if PHP XSL processing not available on server. _______________________________________________________________________ 0.9.1 - created mods.css file to display MODS on a transparent background. - changed displayMODS.php to display MODS files via an <iframe>. - The previous version was using the mods.xsl stylesheet to parse the MODS element values in real-time. _______________________________________________________________________ 0.9.0 - this was the first version - that worked!