Go Daddy and database connection problems

It's funny that GoDaddy.com uses a race car driver as their spokesperson, given that their service doesn't always "go".

Anyway, I created a new MySQL db in my Go Daddy account and I had all kinds of connectivity errors. Sometimes my PHP script would retrieve the data I wanted from the db and other times a connection just couldn't be established.

This seemed weird since my WordPress blog is using a MySQL db hosted by Go Daddy and I don't have any problems with connectivity and my blog.

Customer service was, of course, a waste of time. I got the generic, stock answers about verifying my PHP connection string … but if it connects sometimes but not all the times isn't is clear the issue isn't with my connection string? Worthless.

So what I did was cheat …

Since Go Daddy does make it easy to install WordPress or various other PHP/MySQL applications, I just installed one (OpenDB) that I didn't intend to use. In other words, I made Go Daddy create the db.

I then just deleted all the files on my server related to OpenDB.

Then, I used phpMyAdmin to drop all the tables in the db created for OpenDB as described here.

After that, I imported my tables and it seems that this workaround will allow me to access a MySQL db hosted by Go Daddy without PHP connection problems.

I wasted so much time on the weekend over this issue that I hope this post helps others deal with the issue if they have the same problem.


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