drawing on straws: making stringing my guitar easier

[Sun, 08 May 2011 16:59:37 +0000]
This is somewhat off-topic, but not really since music's the basis of this blog and stuff, really. So anyway, I own two fine guitars made by my friend Dr. James Buckland. For the last couple years, I really only use the Panormo inspired one shown below. As you can see it has bridge pins. []IMAGE: [] And I hate putting on new strings because I like to tie the string knot after the string is protruding outside of the soundhole so I can then pull the string through before I insert the pins. But it's a pain - especially with the treble strings (that's gut treble, thank you very much) - because inserting them from the top (through the bridge) rarely results in them easily finding their way out of the soundhole and into my hands. By the way I use Gamut [] strings and really like them ... Anyway, I've used a set of tongs before to get them, but I just moved and don't have a set of tongs lying around. Nor do I have any tools to make something more appropriate. But I do have flexible straws ... So, using two straws I've got a nice little tool that I can insert into the soundhole and that helps me hook the string and pull it through the soundhole so I can then get onto tying the knot and restringing my guitar. Obviously, I'm so excited about such a dopey little thing I decided to blog about it. It's a lot safer for the guitar than a set of metal tongs, too. Also, you can't drink smoothies with a set of tongs. In the days before the Internet, I could have probably made a few bucks a year selling this thing through the Soundboard [] with a vague description and the phrase "Patent Pending" in the ad. Oh, for the good old days. And here's what the "Bridge Pin Helper (Patent Pending)" looks like. Order yours today! :P IMAGE: []


  1. nitin [2013-02-23 17:12:06]

    Hi David, I use gut strings from Gamut Music ( You should be able to use any strings (Hannabach, D'Addario, etc.) as long as you tie a knot at the end ... I used to use nylon strings on my guitar until I discovered how much better I like gut. If you have a typical scale length guitar the gut strings might break to easily ... also nails will rip them up. Happy playing!

  2. David H [2013-02-22 20:26:05]

    Hi just came across your blog and wanted to ask you where you get your strings for the bridge pegs and how you order them., I'm about to buy a classical guitar made in germany from the 1920's that has bridge pegs, but have no luck in finding strings for it Thanks -

  3. nitin [2011-07-10 14:03:19]

    Great idea re: capo. Thanks Mike!

  4. mike roberts [2011-07-10 05:00:53]

    I've always used a capo to clamp down loose strings in the middle of the neck - keep's thing from flapping around. And I always have a capo handy. I dig your blog btw.