AudioRegent 1.3 released

I've updated AudioRegent to version 1.3.

You can read an overview of the software and get the download link to the new version here.

Here are the changes to the last release:

Version 1.3 changes to version 1.1:

  • coded AudioRegent in a more object-oriented style to reduce coding redundancy

  • added command line options

  • improved internal source-code documentation

  • created XML schema for SimpleADL 1.0

  • created XSL transformation to convert the schema-less SimpleADL from AudioRegent-1.1 to SimpleADL 1.0

  • changed to create UTF-8 encoded SimpleADL templates

  • simplified the user interface for

  • changed license from BSD to the more simply-worded MIT license

  • updated documentation


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