tweaking Efficient Related Posts, a WordPress plugin

There are so many plugins for WordPress that it's easy to get carried away and install more than necessary. I hope I've avoided that. I try to limit myself to plugins that can really improve the reader's experience.

The other day, I installed Efficient Related Posts (0.3.6). It's a great tool to generate a list of hopefully related posts on my blog. There should even be some listed below this post.


Under the settings, you can alter what the header says and even have it auto-generate related posts for every blog post. For example, I changed the header "Related Posts" to "Related Content".

But one thing I didn't see the settings offer is a way to hide that header in cases where no related content was generated.

In other words, when no related content was generated it was displaying something like "Related Content: no related posts found." I don't want people to see that so I tweaked the code in the main plugin script using WordPress' plugin editor.

Here's the code below. It's only a minor change for the "if" block that starts at around line 307.

if ( !empty($settings['title']) && !empty($relatedPosts)) {
	$output = "--------------<h4 class='related_post_title'>{$settings['title']}</h4>{$output}";
	/* Nitin Arora modified the code above on 20101219 to display differently.
	By adding the "&& !empty($relatedPosts)" condition, only posts/pages with related content
	will show the related content header.
	A few "-"s were added to offset the related content header for readability.
	Also, the <h4> tag was originally an <h3>. */

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  1. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    Thanks for this article, I had pretty much the same question (although 0.3.8 should now have an "empty" feature). Now I just need to figure out & how to tweak ERP to find related posts by category and not only by tag … 🙂

    1. nitin (Post author)

      Thanks. I like the idea of tweaking ERP to take "category" as a consideration.
      You're blog is really cool, BTW.


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