OMET: Online Music Editing Tools

[Sun, 26 Sep 2010 15:55:13 +0000]
Leveraging Ajax, the DOM and Lilypond for a web-based notation editor [], from the latest edition of the Lilypond Report []. The article discusses OMET: OMET [], an acronym for Online Music Editing Tools, is a project to develop a group of web-based applications for creating professional-quality music manuscripts. Basically, this is a browser-based GUI Lilypond editor. Very, very cool. Right now it's limited to guitar scores - though nobody should take that to mean notating guitar music is a simple task, given all the resources of the instrument. Add to that the nature of polyphonic music notation on a single staff and, well, "issues" arise. ;( I signed up for this project's mailing list to keep up-to-date with its progress. BTW: Is that Fernando Sor's Opus 6, #6 [] I see in the article's screenshot?


  1. nitin [2012-02-19 12:58:26]

    Cool Trevor! It's looks great. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Trevor [2012-02-11 09:46:32]

    I just launched The goal is very similar to the tools already mentioned, but I think I've made the tool easier to use and integrate into the daily workflow. No registration is required, and it integrates nicely with Dropbox.

  3. nitin [2010-09-26 17:23:44]

    Thanks Thomas, I'll be sure to check these out and post about them, too.

  4. Thomas Bonte [2010-09-26 16:42:37]

    Also check: