OMET: Online Music Editing Tools

Leveraging Ajax, the DOM and Lilypond for a web-based notation editor, from the latest edition of the Lilypond Report.

The article discusses OMET:

OMET, an acronym for Online Music Editing Tools, is a project to develop a group of web-based applications for creating professional-quality music manuscripts.

Basically, this is a browser-based GUI Lilypond editor. Very, very cool.

Right now it's limited to guitar scores – though nobody should take that to mean notating guitar music is a simple task, given all the resources of the instrument. Add to that the nature of polyphonic music notation on a single staff and, well, "issues" arise.


I signed up for this project's mailing list to keep up-to-date with its progress.

BTW: Is that Fernando Sor's Opus 6, #6 I see in the article's screenshot?


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  1. Thomas Bonte
    1. nitin (Post author)

      Thanks Thomas,
      I'll be sure to check these out and post about them, too.

  2. Trevor

    I just launched The goal is very similar to the tools already mentioned, but I think I've made the tool easier to use and integrate into the daily workflow. No registration is required, and it integrates nicely with Dropbox.

    1. nitin (Post author)

      Cool Trevor! It's looks great. Thanks for letting me know.


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