PubMed to Excel: PubMed2XL version 0.9

[Mon, 20 Sep 2010 00:03:22 +0000]
I've released the first Beta version of PubMed2XL, a Windows application that converts article lists from [] into Microsoft Excel files. If you'd like to use the software you can download [] it. Yes, it's free. :P Here's a little video tutorial on installing and using the software: IFRAME: PubMed2XL: Basic Installation and Use [] from nitin arora [] on Vimeo []. PubMed2XL's documentation is available at:​projects/pubmed2xl/ []. The documentation includes a download link to the program files.


  1. Mythreyi [2014-04-15 15:52:09]

    Awesome software... It is of great help :)

  2. nitin [2011-03-14 21:46:35]

    Quick update: Just swapped some emails with Mike. Looks like re-downloading the PubMed file did the trick.

  3. nitin [2011-03-14 21:23:02]

    Hey Mike, Thanks for checking it out. I've run it for 5,000 articles and was able to get a spreadsheet made in less than a minute. If you want to email me the XML file you used, I can test it on my end. My email is: "nitaro74" AT "gmail" DOT "com"

  4. Mike Benz [2011-03-14 21:18:15]

    This is a great little program. How many articles can it convert at once? I tried it with a large search (565 articles) and it seemed to ignore it, but then downloaded a few articles as you did in the tutorial, and it worked just fine.