PubMed to Excel: PubMed2XL version 0.9

I've released the first Beta version of PubMed2XL, a Windows application that converts article lists from into Microsoft Excel files.

If you'd like to use the software you can download it. Yes, it's free.


Here's a little video tutorial on installing and using the software:

PubMed2XL: Basic Installation and Use from nitin arora on Vimeo.

PubMed2XL's documentation is available at:​projects/pubmed2xl/.

The documentation includes a download link to the program files.


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  1. Mike Benz

    This is a great little program.  How many articles can it convert at once?  I tried it with a large search (565 articles) and it seemed to ignore it, but then downloaded a few articles as you did in the tutorial, and it worked just fine.

    1. nitin (Post author)

      Hey Mike,

      Thanks for checking it out.

      I've run it for 5,000 articles and was able to get a spreadsheet made in less than a minute.

      If you want to email me the XML file you used, I can test it on my end.
      My email is:
      "nitaro74" AT "gmail" DOT "com"

  2. nitin (Post author)

    Quick update: Just swapped some emails with Mike. Looks like re-downloading the PubMed file did the trick.

  3. Mythreyi

    Awesome software… It is of great help 🙂


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