Noteflight and WordPress

I haven't played around with this yet but in the latest newsletter by the Noteflight crew, it seems they've added score integration into WordPress blogs (like this one):

If you're hosting your own WordPress site, Noteflight integrates with WordPress in a couple of exciting ways. First, we now support single-signon between WordPress and Noteflight Learning Edition. This means you can set up a Learning Edition community with Noteflight, and let every user on your WordPress site seamlessly access a matching account on Learning Edition without ever needing to sign in separately. All your WordPress users will also be able to see scores shared within that community. Second, Noteflight supports a nifty standard called OEmbed, that allows you to simply paste a Noteflight score link into WordPress and have the embedded score appear as if by magic. (You have to configure your WordPress site to tell it that this is OK.)

When I test this out, I'll post on this topic again. But for now I really just needed to put this on my blog to have a record of this news, given that I'd already forgotten that it was in my email box.


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  1. TePinto

    I know this is old, but it seems it doesn't work anymore… Any suggestion?

    1. nitin (Post author)


      If you only need to display notes, obviously embedded an image would work.
      Do you need other options other than simply showing notes on a staff (i.e. is playback, etc. required)?

      I found this recent thread that makes it sound like embedding Noteflight will not work on hosted sites but will on self-hosted sites:


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